I am an Iowa-based writer whose fiction and non-fiction stories and features have appeared in publications across the U.S.

My first book, The Fields of Fall,describes several of the best known football dynasties in Iowa—as well as some lesser known programs—for an entire year. The book is an enlightening and entertaining ride through the 2010 season; dissecting the teams’ philosophies on football, education and life in general; and telling the stories of the people and the communities that make high school football in Iowa so special. The Fields of Fall captures the emotional power of the game as it details the teams’ journeys through a season of incredible highs and corresponding lows—and describes the sheer fun that everyone surrounding the game was having.

My second book, Seasons on the Run, will be available soon. The book tells the stories of my family as it negotiates the trials and tribulations of youth and high school sports. It features anecdotes, remembrances, and nuggets of wisdom presented from the perspective of a family that has lived the sporting life and has been playing, watching and appreciating games of all kinds since we came into being. Funny, entertaining, and informative all at once!

And, I’m working on a second draft of a sports-themed middle grade fiction novel, tentatively titled Two’s a Curve.






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